——Spread the most beatutiful music the every coner of the world
Only greatness can be widely known, only classic can not be forgotten.
The greatness created the arts of music in the world by their remarkable hardwork.
Today, with professional skill and excellent quality, 3BDIO is devoted to carry forward the classic to the world.
Bach(1685-1750), one of the greatest composer in Germany and an organ performer, with passion and innovative spirit. His arts have great influrance to the western music, therefore, he was known as the father of music and the unsurpassable master.
Beethoven(1770-1827), one of the greatest composer of the history and a representitive of Viennese classic music. His music is grandeur but simple, rich in content but easy to understand.
Brahms(1833-1897), the best and the last classic music composer in Germany in the late 19th century. His symphonies are grant and an outstanding art after Beethoven’s.
Therefore, people honour the memory of them and called them as “3B”.
1998, with the respect with “3B” and the pursuite of let music beautify our life, Mr. Cheung set up the own brand and company “3BDIO” in China. With the spirit of adhere to the classic, speard the most beatutiful music the every coner of the world, “3BDIO” has been concentrated on acoustoelectric industry for 14 years.
Today, 3BDIO has become a large-scale enterprise known as its innovation ability and superior quality. In the future, we will be the leader of acoustoelectric industry and keeping following on our spirit——spread the most beatutiful music the every coner of the world.


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